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Gamified customer engagement solutions tailored for your marketing goals

Boost your website conversions

Post-purchase campaigns

Turn your visitors into leads

Pre-order marketing campaigns

Catch your customers’ attention and interest towards your brand or products by welcoming them with an interactive game. Spice up your website and offer rewards that best suit your needs!

Generate leads

Get CRM data

Boost your website conversions

Post-purchase marketing campaigns

Encourage your customers to fill in their basket by allowing them to try and win discounts, gifts or more through an engaging game. Pro tip: give your customers a second try when sharing your campaign on social media!

Increase loyalty

Promote sales

Engage and inspire your clients

Permanent marketing campaigns

Improve your customers’ experience on your website with a custom personality test and allow them to create a more targeted and suited list of products.

Enhance user experience

Engage customers

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