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When marketing became child's play

“Instead of offering 20% off a product for everyone, why not gift that product to one lucky person in five?”

From an economic viewpoint, the result is the same – but allowing customers to play while shopping leads up to more engagement, more loyalty, and to an exciting experience for the users.

Starting from this observation, the idea was born. In 2013, LuckyCycle was founded by three enthusiastic technology entrepreneurs: Nicolas, Jean-Marc & Géraud.

Since then, LuckyCycle has created hundreds of gamified marketing campaigns. From wheels of fortune to memory quizzes and skills games, our platform allows our clients to offer memorable experiences to their customers and to boost their sales with beautifully crafted promotional games. 

What makes gamification so special?

Gamification is more than just play.

Gamification, or the use of game elements in non-game contexts, is all about engagement, interactivity and personalization: in a nutshell, connection with your audience.

Allowing your customers to play while or after shopping induces strong positive emotions, and even stronger feelings for winners towards your brand. Positive reinforcement entices your customers to come back, but also to share their success with others through social media. Gamification therefore brings engagement, as well as loyalty, building communities around your brand.

Additionally, games require your customers to take action and to engage actively with your brand. If players want to become winners, they cannot stay idle. And if visitors spend time and playful effort with your brand, they’ll remember you. In this way, gamification allows for a more engaging, original and fun way to interact with your audience and to connect with them.

Finally, gamified campaigns are completely customizable and are crafted and designed according to each brand’s personality. Each campaign is truly unique and connects with its audience in the right way: your brand’s way.

So, are you ready to start gamifying your business?

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