Permanent Marketing Campaigns

Permanent marketing campaigns

Maximize engagement with custom gamified campaigns

As opposed to our pre- and post-order gamified campaigns, permanent campaigns are there, well, to stay. They’re meant to become part of your website!


Our favorite form of permanent gamified campaigns are custom personality tests.

Your customers are invited to answer a series of questions, that you can set up to best suit your needs. We advise that 5 to 7 questions be asked, and that they cover sociodemographic data first (gender and age) and preferences then (e.g. favorite sports, food, activities and so on).

Enhance online experience

Once your customers have completed the test, our algorithm builds a persona based on their preferences. This helps determine which of your products will be the most likely to spark interest for each of your customers.

 Promote sales

Finally, we present your customers with the list of products that our algorithm determined to be the most relevant for them. Users can then select items of their choosing and easily add them to their basket.

Engage customers