Pre-order Marketing Campaigns

Pre-order marketing campaigns

Generate leads with custom gamified campaigns

With pre-order gamified campaigns, your customers are not required to make a purchase to play the game. But when they win, they shall want to!


First, a form is displayed for your arriving customers to fill in with their data in order to play an engaging game and get an appealing reward.

The form is completely customizable to suit your business needs and design and can appear however you like: as a pop-in, on one or several pages of your website, etc.

Collect CRM data

After completing the form, your customers get to play the actual game.

You can choose from a vast catalog of games (based on chance, skills, or brain teasing) and set up the rules that you desire: whether you want all players to win, 1 per hour, 1 in 10, or that only the best one wins is totally up to you.

Engage users

Your lucky customers are then presented with a voucher for their reward, in the form of a promotional code.

You can offer the reward of your choosing: a gift, a discount, a free product, etc. Note that you may also allow your customers to use their code for an offline offer than can be applied directly in your store.

Generate leads

A sticky banner follows your customers all the way to the checkout page. It’s a short representation of the reward won, and it contains a unique coupon code as well as a timer to create a sense of urgency.

The banner thanks the users for playing and helps them remember exactly what their reward is. It can remain on your website until they make a purchase using their code.

Boost conversions

Most of your online visitors will not convert on a first interaction with your website; as such, offering them something special will help you turn them into customers. Besides, having your visitors win their coupon, instead of receiving it naturally, greatly increases the likelihood that they will convert. And after all, your final aim is to get your visitors to make a purchase.