With Purchase Obligation (Online)

[Bannering for a post-purchase campaign]

Different means of communication can be used to inform your customer about the Lucky Cycle campaign. On your website, a banner can be displayed above the home page to announce the campaign. Other banners can also be displayed on specific product pages where the customer directly arrives thanks to an external link, so that if he hasn’t had the opportunity to see the banner on the home page, he still gets information about the campaign. Besides, pop-ups can appear while the customer visits your website. The campaign can be communicated through social media and newsletters too.

[Encouraging to add additional products]

The customer adds products to his basket. Reminder banners can be shown throughout the checkout funnel as an incentive for the customers to complete their payment.

[Pop-in displaying the game]

Once the customer has proceeded to the payment of his products on the confirmation page, the game starts. At the end of the game, three options can arise: the customer wins, loses, or will soon receive his results by email. The order data are automatically stored in our system. If needed, some personal data can be collected too, either while paying or at the beginning or the end of the game. To maximize the impact of the campaign, he can be invited to talk about the game to his friends and family. A link to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp can be displayed.